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Hello! My name is Breanna and welcome to Sweet Littles Photography based out of Regina, Saskatchewan! I create unique memories of those sweet moments that will soon be forgotten. As a parent, I know that family is the most important thing in life, and my life revolves around my love for children and the amazing privilege I have of being a mother. My 2 children have opened my heart in a way that I could never have imagined, allowing me the understanding of what it is to have that unconditional love and instant bond that parents have for their babies. The beauty of new life touches me and I am moved by the deep connection between mother and baby and the exciting journey of a couple into parenthood. I know all too well how fast these moments slip by and become just a fleeting memory. I want to freeze these moments in time, soak up every emotion, engrain them in my memory forever, never to be forgotten.

Children certainly won’t stay little for long and that is why it is my true passion to capture these early years for you and your family so you can create heirloom portraits to treasure for a lifetime to come. It is an honor and a joy to meet so many families and I look forward to working with yours in the future.

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leaves 1 300x88 - About

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leaves 1 300x88 - About

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